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The Battle of Haatomo

There was never a fight, never a moment in my life fraught with more doubt than joining this battle on the side of the CEP forces.

Dynasphere Ltd. was under tremedous pressure to prove their loyalty to the State. It was a question of personal believes versus the welfare of my corporation. Also the welfare of the state.

Tibus Heth did many good things for the Caldari. There is a personal favor I will forever owe him, for the day we took back Caldari Prime from the Gallente was the night my twin sister Seraja finally succumbed to her cancer.
She died with her heart full of happiness and her ashes are now part of that shining jewel so much blood has been spilled over.

May the ancestors forgive me, for I do not know if I will ever forgive myself.



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The Cornered Wolf still has Fangs…

Come the autumn storms

the willow bends and survives.

The oak dies proudly.

– Aidan Brooder at the News on Tibus Heth


Haatomo – Officials have confirmed that the group who has taken control of Haatomo VII – Moon 3 Caldari constructions Warehouse, led by State Executor Tibus Heth, had planned on using the station as a staging area for an invasion of Caldari Prime.

Tibus Heth

Tibus Heth

“Swapna, cancel all meetings for today.”, Aidan said into the station intercom.
He didn’t wait for a reply. He was already on the way to his Manticore.
As he went through the routine of undocking the Manticore with visible impatience, he could hear the chatter of his pilots on the Dynasphere internal channels.

Cap Cooper and Naoley were performing an assault training. It will suit them well, Aidan thought.
The occasional smug remark or laughter in between their attack runs made him cringe, though.
They lacked the discipline yet for the dark times ahead.

Or were these dark times only inside him, clouding his own vision?

“What are you doing, Tibus…”, Aidan thought.
The former Executor had been his idol for many years. He had never joined his movement.
But to re-install the meritocracy was to Aidan to truly revive the Caldari spirit. And it hadn’t been empty words either.

Corporate schooling programs had changed. The weak were given new chances to climb or at least find their place.

The strong were tested. And the Caldari awoke.

When Caldari Prime was taken for the State, Aidan was very doubtful. But the initial strategy worked out well. The titan… It was never meant to resist the whole Gallente Navy, far from it. It had taken the Gallente settlers on the planet hostage in a sense.

It wasn’t a brilliant move, but one that worked. Especially with Gallente Prime so close, too. It was a classical stalemate. But every Gordian knot would be untied by force one day.

Still, to reclaim their home world from which the Gallente had forced them so long ago. It was a symbol to all Caldari.

He remembered even his aging sister, who had broken all ties to him for decades, contacting him.

“Did you hear?”, she had said.

“Mr Brooder, did you hear me? You are cleared to undock! Fly safe out there, Sir!”

Aidan didn’t respond, but just activated the thrusters and vanished into warp seconds after leaving the station.

Haatomo – he had to see it for himself.


Caldari Constructions Warehouse around Haatamo VII – Moon 3, 17 jumps later…

The first thing Aidan noticed as he approached the station, still cloaked, were the many death threats that had been placed around the station.They sounded immature to him and he felt some of the old sympathy for Heth swell inside him. Didn’t they all ask for a wolf?

And now their alpha had stumbled and snapped the wrong neck. And here they all were, crying for his blood.

Death threats

Aidan didn’t fool himself. Tibus Heth had stumbled and fallen. But he marvelled both at his own countrymen and Heth himself.

Clearly he was beaten. And here he was, imprisoned by his own hands in this station. With the rest of his loyal forces.

As much as Aidan had admired Heth once, he had never shared the same sentiments for his followers. There were too many Gallente haters amongst them.

Aidan had never understood the Gallente himself. How does pushing a vote button for one charismatic extroverted person or other give you freedom? Or even good leadership? Or being allowed to wear transparent clothes?

But over the years he had met many Gallenteans and some had become his friends. Heck, some were working for his Corporation. And he never found them lacking and never questioned their political believes.

Would all of this come to an end? Would a new full-scale war break out, here? At some backwater station?

Caldari Constructions Warehouse around Haatamo VII – Moon 3

Caldari Constructions Warehouse around Haatamo VII – Moon 3

And what side would he be on? Tibus Heth wasn’t the kind of man to entomb himself here, without any chance of winning. The cornered wolf has fangs still…

Aidan spent a few minutes checking with his informants, sending out some of his own pilots to confirm data he received.
“Whatever you have planned, Heth. You have lived like a great man. You have given us that moment we needed to remember we are far from the fugitives we were. Now do the honorable thing and die like a great man…”

Aidan docked a station away. He had come to a decision. But he didn’t necessarily like it… And he knew he never would.

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The Ice is melting…

Report by: Gerald “Tanktop” Frazier
Status: Independent consultant/Mining prospector
Report request by: Swapna Ridcula, Executive secretary
Funding: Authorized, cost center SR00001

Frazier: "As agreed... I've scanned all the known fucking Ice fields in Empire. Tons of manual work and ya know how I hate to fly shuttles. Much less leave em..."
Ridcula: "Your payment has been transferred to your account, Frazier. If that is what you are hinting at."
Frazier: "Sharp lady, eh? Good... good... Can I have a beer?"
Ridcula: "I'd prefer a sober report. Then you can get your refreshment."
Frazier: "Well, the short version is: All the known ice fields will be gone soon."
Ridcula: "How soon. And why? Our miners noticed the reduction in the ice yield."
Frazier: "'couple of months. Max. As to why: Too much human tempering. I'll upload a full report with all the science crunched down to square one for ya. But in short: They've been over-mined. Sleepy hollows, most of em, now."
Ridcula: "I expect that report in two hours. I'll have to report this to Aidan. We have a lot of interest in the ice market."
Frazier: "Yeah, you and a thousand other greedy corps. Greet that ginger bastard from me."

Swapna met with Aidan in a station bar two standard hours later.
They went through Frazier’s report together.
“I guess it couldn’t go on forever. Frazier is right, the ice fields are heavily over-mined. The damn things keep the stations running.”, Aidan finally said.
“So what should we do now?”, Swapna asked.
“Well, for the immediate future I think the agenda is clear: Get our capsuleers out there and let them mine ice like they’ve never done before. Prices will skyrocket.”
Swapna nodded.
Aidan looked at “Tanktop” Frazier’s report again. He had always thought of him as a primitive sniffer dog with a lot of luck. He now realized that Frazier actually knew his stuff very well.
“The main reason why everyone is mining ice in the big belts is because they are well-known. Now…”
Aidan took an ice-cube from his whiskey. Then crushed it with his fist.
“On a smaller scale this is what happened out there eons ago.”
He chewed on his lip for a while.
“Team up our miners with our best scanning experts. Let them train together. We’ll make a quick profit now, but then we’ll start preparing for the future.”
Swapna nodded slightly and left.

Aidan found himself in Halaima’s ice belt a few hours later. He had always considered mining here as one of the dullest experiences the galaxy could offer. But thinking back, he had actually made a lot of business here, while waiting for his Mackinaw’s ore holds to fill up.
Met a lot of people. And looking over the long stretch of the belt… There was a certain natural beauty to it.

Suddenly the ice asteroid he had been mining on reflected a blueish haze. Aidan had been distracted and while his focus was on the belt, a giant Scorpion battleship had sneaked up on him, now taunting him with smart bombs.

“Nice light show, Mr Octoven…”, Aidan said, after identifying the ship.
He had no doubts the other capsuleer had quite different memories of this place.
“Doesn’t matter…”, Aidan thought, “Just another constant turning out to be nothing but a shaky variable in this mad galaxy. Vanishing… And those who follow us will never know.”

He turned on his mining lasers again and watched. And for a short while he felt united with this place. As if part of him would fade with it. It made him feel very old.

The  Ice is melting

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A Dynasphere trip to New Eden

Referencing: Dynasphere - -DYS- corporate mandate #4742
Issued by: Brooder, Aidan
Rank: CEO

It is hereby corporate mandate and corporate policy of Dynasphere, Ltd., that all pilots receive training in stealth ships. Attendance to courses is mandatory and all ranks above and beyond registered Capsuleer level 1 will be unattainable to those not meeting the requirements to fly at least a covert ops class stealth ship.

- Swapna Ridcula

Aidan: “We have come a long way, Swapna. Never thought we’d do it…”
Swapna: “Well, it was two years ago that you ordered me to see to it those fuck-ups learn the sneaky stuff…”
Aidan: “I’d never use such strong words…”
Swapna: “Not when you’re not in a rage, you won’t. Right.”

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Satire (Haiku)

Satire in spring time:

Deadly as a solar flare

a message sent forth.

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Two new Haikus

Aidan Brooder on Love in two haikus

The heat of a star.
So deeply felt in the moment
fails test of ages.

Grace is autumn gold
To kneel down at beauty’s shrine
Ageless joy and sorrow.

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EVE Poetry 1: Do not stand at my grave and weep

It is well known that many groundsiders view the capsuleers as heroes – or villains.
It is also well known that in the Caldari States it is the obligation of the various Caldari corporations to not only unite when the States are threatened by war.
But also to fulfill cultural obligations, as e.g. to further education of the young and talented. And promote the arts.

Dynasphere, not one to shy away from such obligations, recently interpreted an old poem. Known by many capsuleers its true origin has long been forgotten…

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EVE Arek’Jaalan Site One Phase One

One of the proudest moments in my life as a capsuleer… I had invested more or less all of my personal ressources towards this proud goal. It is just one step on a long way to a more enlightened New Eden.
But it is a monument to what capsuleers – from any corp and any background – can achieve. If they work together.

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Dynasphere welcomes two new employees…

Miss Luaxana Di’Asturien is another candidate fresh from the University of Caille. Even though she still has a lot to learn, she has a bite-through-it die-hard attitude that will benefit her well in her career as a capsuleer.


Mr Kasper Kasparus is a quiet but efficient absolvent of the Caldari Science and Trade institute. While currently on a temporary contract, he too shows a lot of promise.


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Dynasphere Ltd. welcomes a new Capsuleer…

Fresh from the Gallente University of Caille, Naoley Miromme still has a lot to learn, but is showing an eagerness to do so.
A very quiet pilot, Dynasphere is looking forward to bring Mr Miromme to his full potential as a capsuleer.

Welcome to Dynasphere!

Naoley Miromme

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